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rainbows & tragedies
June 02, 2015

Jigsy account suspended

And so...

I`m back here because Jigsy suspended my account due to inactivity /:

March 02, 2014


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August 03, 2013

Thoughts ; Teen Wolf Season 1

First of all, I just want to thank Laurell K Hamilton for introducing me to lycanthropy. With whatever that I've learnt from her, whatever I watched on Teen Wolf made sense. From the start, till the very end when Derek kills Peter. When I came to that last scene when Derek claws Peter's throat, I just screamed at my screen "He's gonna be the new alpha now!"

Okay, at the beginning I hated Alison's character. I just hate it when female characters weigh down their male counterparts. But after awhile, I tried to wrap my head around the fact that she was Scott's anchor so he wouldn't lose control. And then when she found out about her family's "secret", she kind of got stronger and tougher and she didn't bother me that much anymore.

Scott is probably my least favorite lead. I mean, he's not that attractive, he's constantly messing things up and he thinks he knows what he's doing but he doesn't! Okay, 'nuff said.

Stiles is just so my type. I love how he researches about things and link clues to get the whole picture. High intellect FTW. And he's probably the best best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Jackson and Lydia is just a heap of pathetic that I do not wish to explain my feelings about.

Derek Hale is hot, Hot, HOT. The dark look, the mysterious aura, the incredibly sexy body. Gosh, there is nothing wrong with him except he keeps keeping things to himself making it so frustrating to accept his character. Other than that, he's perfect.

I've just finished watching Season 1 and I've enjoyed the series so much. I'll probably start on Season 2 tomorrow. I'm so psyched! I wonder why didn't I start watching it sooner. Meh, it's never too late to start. Off to bed now to dream of wolves.

March 05, 2013

Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat
So I decided to bake a batch of Earl Grey Macaron for my sweethearts. Can't wait for them to eat these~ ♡
February 26, 2013

Interview with the Hedonixt boys

So, I saw this on dA and I thought I`d steal it. Let`s see, the boys were invited to hang out at Shin`s tattoo shop when a reporter walks past and can`t help but to notice the diversity of the group. Thus, asking them for this interview. Shin let them use the back room since it`s bigger than the waiting room. There`s Kyou, Kazu, Ryuu, Gem, Axe, Shin and Lavi.

Int: What do you look for in a partner?

Kyou: Someone who`s nice
Kazu: Nice isn`t enough
Kyou: Someone like Kazu *smile*
Ryuu: Kazu is too nice *avoids eye contact* Someone who knows how to fuck
Gem: *blush* erh... I don`t know
Axe: Intelligence *adjusts his specs*
Shin: Motherly, caring and respectful ... Like my wife
Lavi: I agree with Shin. Someone who can look after my children

Int: If you could go anywhere, regardless if it's real or not, where would you go?

Ryuu: I like it here
Gem: You`re not answering the question
Ryuu: Like I care?
Gem: Tsk... Well, I`d like to go to a place where I fit in
Axe: I`ll go with Gem *slings arm around Gem`s shoulder*
Kazu: A musical land with no dead bodies
Lavi: *laughs* Me too
Kyou: What are you guys talking about?
Shin: Ignore them, Kyou. I`d like to go home

Int: Who is your arch nemesis?

Lavi: People ... People who don`t see me as a person
Kazu: A scalpel
Kyou: My pe... Bullies
Shin: My father-in-law
Gem: Me
Ryuu: I thought I`d be your arch nemesis *snorts*
Axe: Unrevealed revelations

Int: What's your AIM/MSN/etc. name?

Gem: My name
Axe: Endorphins
Kazu: Don`t have one
Kyou: Purple Haze
Shin: Greg
Lavi: Love
Ryuu: I fuck sheeps ... DON`T ASK.

Int: Favorite videogame?

*all looks at Gem*
Gem: I draw the characters in them, I don`t play the actual game

Int: MOVING ON.... Favorite hobby?

Gem: Drawing
Ryuu: That`s your job, stupid
Gem: But I do it for fun too
Ryuu: Whatever. I like fucking and smoking
Axe: Experiments!
Shin: I kinda like drawing too. Except mine is on skin and not on canvas
Lavi: Reading
Kyou: Being alone in a room
Ryuu: Another retarded answer
Kazu: Stop it, Ryuu. I like playing music

Int: Weirdest dream?

Ryuu: I don`t sleep so I don`t dream
Lavi: I sleep but I don`t dream
Kazu: Me neither
Gem: Mine`s not worth talking about
Kyou: I was dating a girl
Shin: I don`t remember
Axe: I was a religious man *shivers*

Int: Favorite song?

Shin: I listen to whatever Stoner plays in the shop
Axe: No favourites
Gem: Anything My Chemical Romance, The Lost Prophets, Hey Monday, The GazettE or Black Veil Brides
Lavi: Now, Young Girls by Bruno Mars
Kyou: One Direction`s Over Again
Kazu: Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Int: What's your idea of a perfect date?

Ryuu: Sex, great sex
Axe: Dinner and then laying by the seashore looking at the stars
Kazu: I don`t know, somewhere quiet would be nice
Gem: Movie, dinner
Lavi: Haven`t been on a date for years
Kyou: I like the idea of a movie and a meal afterwards and then we can hold hands while walking around town
Shin: Shopping? *laughs* I`m too old to date

Int: Pirates vs. Ninjas?

Ryuu: GODS
Gem: *mumbles* stupid fuck
Ryuu: What?!
Gem: Nothing. I choose Ninjas
Axe: Scientists!
Kazu: Ninjas
Lavi: Ninjas
Kyou: Pirates

Int: What is your weapon of choice?

Kyou: My eyes *bats eyelashes*
Axe: A beaker
Ryuu: My dick
Lavi: My heart
Kazu: Probably a scalpel
Gem: A gun
Shin: Yea, maybe a gun. I don`t think I can kill someone if they`re physically close to me

Int: What do you do when you're upset?

Shin: Travel
Gem: Because you can afford it
Shin: *laughs* True. Or else I watch the Travel Channel
Gem: *laughs along* I be on my own
Axe: Look for Gem
Ryuu: Fuck someone
Kazu: Take a stroll at the cemetery
Lavi: Play with my kids
Kyou: Wear pretty dresses

Int: Twilight vs. Harry Potter?

Ryuu: Whut??
Others: Harry Potter

Int: Boxers or briefs?

Gem: Boxer briefs
Lavi: Briefs
Kazu: Briefs
Kyou: Panties
Shin: Boxers
Ryuu: Commando
Axe: Briefs

Int: Last question. Describe each other in 2 words.

Axe: Shit, I`m late! I`ll go first; Gem is depressingly sweet. Ryuu is a fucking retard. Kazu is nice and motherly. Lavi is clever and mysterious. Shin is a reasonable father. Kyou is pretty adorable. See you guys later~ *runs off*
Gem: Axe is smart but stupid. Ryuu is stupid and stupid.
Ryuu: Hey!
Gem: ... Kazu is too nice. Kyou is cute and lovely. Lavi is responsible and respectable. Shin is warm and comforting.
Ryuu: Gem is a dumbfuck. Lavi is weird. Kazu is nice. Kyou is special. Axe is tiring. Shin is okay.
Shin: I think of them all as my brothers and children.
Kazu: Since I take care of them most of the time, they`re my kids so they`re adorable but a pain-in-the-ass.
Kyou: I think Ryuu is scary and really tall. Gem is tall too but nicer. Kazu is wonderful and great. Lavi is the perfect husband. Axe deserves more credit for his works. Shin is a total sweetheart.
Lavi: Well, I don`t want to get too much into this but I think they are all great. There are ups and downs in their personalities but it makes them unique.


February 14, 2013

Luna Sea; The End of The Dream Tour Final in Singapore 2013

This time round, I was not able to make it to the airport to welcome them because it was my assignment week. I even had to rush down to the press conference because I had a presentation just before that. When we got to the press con, we thought we were the last ones so we ran there. We registered ourselves at the door and were given media passes. After settling ourselves and preparing our camera, we realized that more people were just coming in. We were about 30 minutes behind schedule thanks to the false fire alarm that broke out just 10 minutes before the press con started.

[Please watch press con video]

After the really short press con, the media was treated to a bit of refreshments before the next round of interviews commenced. Unfortunately, that round didn’t include us so we had to leave the room and wait outside. When we got outside, I approached one of the staff there asking about the complimentary tickets for the concert. They then asked if we were in a hurry because they have not prepared the tickets yet and we could also wait for the fanmeet meet to begin to cover it. So we decided to have lunch first. By the time we got back up, the place was starting to fill up with many anticipating fans. I approached the staff again and she seems to have recognized me because she started to prepare the tickets as soon as she saw me. While waiting, we saw Shinya leave the room and he was nice enough to acknowledge the fans with a slight nod. And then we waited some more. While everyone else was busy looking at the conference room, someone caught my attention. When I turned, it was Inoran walking back to the conference room. I have no idea where he was from but he was making his way back. He was also really nice to smile and said hello to the people there. Not long after that, the staff announced that the fans were already allowed into the room. When we got to the door, unfortunately they did not let us in. One of the official staff of LS was really apologetic to us and said that he appreciated that we understood the situation. Then while making our way out, we saw Sugizo with his “crutch” walking towards the exit. A fan approached him and was like, “Onegaishimasu” asking him to sign her book. He gave his crutch to the bodyguard and signed her book. My partner and I waited by the exit but we felt bad trying to call out to him since he didn’t look too please so we just watched him leave before our eyes.

The day of the concert, I had to go to school to hand up my assignment. It was raining really heavily that day and I was soaked. Thankfully I dried up enough right when I made my way to the Star Theater. When we got there, it was already about 4:30pm. We went to the goods counter and saw that most of the items were already sold out. To our dismay, we looked around and searched for people who would be willing to help us with a mini interview next. A couple of them were okay with it but some were not very cooperative so we had to look for others. We wanted to interview the fans from Japan but our Japanese is very limited and we did not want to embarrass ourselves so we dumped the idea.

While walking around, I spotted Alan and approached him. Luckily, we kinda get along fine and I was under the impression that he was okay with me being an amateur and tagged along with him. Alan, if you`re reading this, thank you. Teehee~

Soon, the usher was already calling us to make our way to the theater. We had to go up this long escalator and we were greeted by more ushers to lead the way. The security was nice enough to notice our media pass and said we did not need to show them our tickets. Then at the bag checkpoint, the security there noticed our media pass again and motioned us forward. The theater was a little confusing because they were so many signs and we just did not know which one to look at. Finally when we got to our door and shown to our seats, we got excited to know that we were on the same level as the stage. Although we were almost all the way at the back, it was still a pretty good view.

The concert itself did not start on time because I think they were waiting for the fans to make their way in the fill the hall. Then the house lights turned off abruptly and the stage light went on. The crowd got on their feet and started cheering. Here is my confession, I am not really a fan of LS so you will have to forgive me as I did not know which song they were playing when only until the end when I saw the setlist being posted online. But, here are a few keynotes that I thought was worth taking notice as well as the setlist:


End of sorrow
True Blue
The End of The Dream
J Bass Solo
Shinya drum solo


I For You
Band Intro + individual member solo

  • Ryuichi hugged Sugizo TWICE
  • Ryuichi did his sexy dance
  • Sugizo and Inoran went down to the side of the stage – Sugizo made some fans run towards him to snap a couple of pics
  • Inoran almost fell when he probably missed a step down the stage
  • Shinya’s drum solo was really awesome
  • When everyone else engaged with the crowd, Inoran went to Shinya
  • The member introductions and solos were too amazing
  • J’s English is pretty good
  • J was ravishingly better when he threw the mic stand
  • Ryuichi said “Happy Lunar New Year” and then “Happy Chilli Crab” and then “Chicken Rice mo (too)” and then “I’ve been thinking about what to say all night”
  • Sugizo playing the violin and the light shining on him was like angels coming down from heaven
  • When they came back out for the encore, Ryuichi said “Kore wa Shingaporu no purezento – I For You” and everyone just screamed with joy
  • They brought out banners given to them by the fans
  • Sugizo took a picture of the crowd and himself after the live
  • Sugizo said that he promises to come back to Singapore soon
  • He then bowed for about a minute to the crowd before saying goodbye
  • Sugizo sprayed water to the crowd along with the bottles
  • Like any other good concert, they threw their guitar picks and drumsticks

The concert ended with everyone holding hands and then jumping with LS. I love this moment because personally I feel like we are closer to the band after “celebrating victory/completion” of the event. It was an amazing experience and it would not have been possible without Jamanlo. Thank you for trusting me once again on this event and I hope I have not disappointed you. May we have many more collaborations in the future~

January 19, 2013

Usagi has a friend!

Usagi has a friend!
Usagi is on the left and the new guy on the right is Usami. The manager from my previous job gave it to me for my birthday ^^ Too adorable~
January 19, 2013


My first pair of Wakai shoes (: I can't wait to wear them! Each time I say the brand name, I can't help but to giggle inside because "Wakai" means young in Japanese and I'm not THAT young anymore :b
December 05, 2012

Sundown Festival 2012

This is a really detailed report and will mainly highlight Alice Nine. I will update later with pictures and videos. The ones in Italics are optional to read (: Have fun!

Thursday, 29th November – I headed down to the airport with 2 of my other A9 fangirls at about 3pm and reached at about 3:45pm or so. Their flight will only be landing at 5:19pm. When we got there, there were not a lot of people waiting for the boys. I got slightly disappointed. I mean, it is good that I do not need to fight for a good spot to see the boys but at the same time, I do not want the boys to feel like they have very little support here. While waiting for their flight to land, a lady next to me turned and asked who was coming. I looked at her and she had gifts in her hands and so I was like, “Are you not here for the boys too?” Apparently, she was waiting for some theater actors doing the West End Live in Singapore. It seems that she was the only one there who was welcoming her stars. My friend and I felt bad about letting her fangirl alone so we helped her to call out for her stars too. Lucky her being the only fan, she got to shake hands with them, get their autograph, take a picture with them and talk to them really long. By now, the airport was slowly filling up with people - people who were there for the boys and people who just happen to be there.

Since I was standing near their conveyor belt, I was not able to see them when they approach. I just had to rely on fangirls screams. So when the girls on my right side started screaming, I had my camera out and was ready! The first person I saw was Tora. He was in a white shirt, black pants and a camo bag. Since the door in front of us will only open when someone exits, we had to keep hoping that someone needs to exit. Finally, some dude helped us open the door and we were just waving to Tora’s back. It was silly after a while so we shouted out his name but he did not turn. Probably about a minute after that, Nao joined him. Nao had his window-blinds shades on and was wearing a grey shirt with black jacket and black pants. And then Saga joined them; wearing denim jacket over a black and white horizontally striped shirt and black skinny jeans carrying a black totebag. When the doors opened again, my friend and I shouted out for Saga, waved frantically and he waved at us back! It felt so great being able to get him to wave at us. (In the video, it shows Saga lifting up his hand to wave but I was so excited that I moved my hand and I videoed only his feet) I must have taken my attention away from them because I did not see Shou coming. He sort of just appeared there squatting over his bag. He was wearing a dark grey shirt with a colorful skull printed on it and his jacket wrapped around his waist.

I then moved to a different door because I heard one of the officials saying that they will not exit from the door closest to us. See, the good thing was, I knew quite a number of people there and they were spread out allowing me to borrow a little bit of space to get a video of the boys. Unfortunately, the spot I decided to stay at was a bad one. Saga was blocked by the security guard for most of the time. And while I was trying to get him on the video, I missed Tora.

Friday, 30th November – I remember sleeping quite late the night before because I had a school report to finish. The plan was to wake up at 4am, get ready and leave the house by 5:30am to queue for the fanmeet. But because I got so little sleep and I was already sick, I did not queue with the rest of my friends. Although I was sleep-texting, I managed to ask a couple of friends to help me queue for the fanmeet as only the first 50 fans will get the chance to get up-close and personal with the boys. So when I finally got up, I was kind of grumpy but I knew the boys will cheer me up. I got ready and my dad drove me to their hotel for the Press Conference. My partner, Valerie was already there waiting for me - I was late thanks to the traffic jam. We were representing Japan Maniak Lover (Jamanlo) from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was dressed in a Laura Ashley dress with dark grey leggings, black cardigan and Mary Jane shoes. My fringe was held up with a flower clip and I had red lipstick on.

There were 2 media tables set in front of the Aquarius and Pisces room at Marina Mandarin. The tables were labeled with “Media A” and “Media B”. We were pretty confused about which table to queue at because there was no pre-announcement to let us know anything so we queued at table “Media A” but was told to collect our sticker and tickets at table “Media B”. Basically, all we got was a sticker labeled “Alice Nine” and 2 tickets for the Sundown Festival event.

Valerie and I were the last few to enter the room thanks to the confusion so by that time, all the other media were already setting up their tripods and getting all the good spots. We started setting up too, found a pretty good spot only to be told that we were not allowed to be in the “Media A” section and had to move to “Media B”. We did not want to complain but “Media B” was right at the end of the room and at the furthest corner. Thank goodness for other friendly media, they were nice enough to give us some space to record and do photography for the conference.

During the conference, BTOB (Born to Beat) a boyband group from Korea came on first. The seven boys were seated according to their age (or so I heard). They were really cute, all bright-eyed and ready for the media. It was a really good start. The media was almost climbing on top of each other to get a good shot of the members of BTOB. Next was Liu Li Yang from China. She had a pretty good command of English and boy was I impressed. I felt bad for her when no one wanted to ask her anything though. She had the shortest time in the conference room. Anthony Neely was after her and I thoroughly enjoyed his presences. He was comfortable and was just a really nice, laid back lad. After Anthony, the media was given a 15 minutes break before the next artist came. We were actually expecting Raymond Lam but unfortunately (or fortunately) he was busy filming and could only make it on the day of the event itself. This meant the next artist to come was Alice Nine. My heart was thumping so hard I could taste my pulse in my mouth.

The host was already introducing the band when someone ran into the room and said, “Wait, they are stuck in the lift” and the whole room just started laughing. They arrived not long later and because they did not remove the chairs in the room, there were 7 chairs at the table. Tora walked in, the host said hi and greeted them ‘good morning’ but only Nao said ‘morning’ in the cutest voice ever, followed by Saga who just nodded. Shou was still not there yet. Tora, Nao and Saga was not sure where to sit. They took out one chair, put it back in, pick another chair and kept looking at each other. Finally when Shou arrived, the interpreter told them that they should seat according to the label on the table; Tora, Nao, Shou, Saga. Hiroto was not there because he was still in the hospital in Japan recuperating for the event. At this point of time, Saga was behind Nao, ready to seat next to Tora like usual but he had to move to the other end instead. (My ToraSaga feels)

*watch the press conference video to find out what happened*

After that was over, they were shown out of the room and the media started packing up. We got outside and still could not quite believe we saw the boys that close. We were going to ask the people at the counter outside about the event the next day but all we got was vague instructions so we gave up. Then they started calling for media doing the ‘group interview’ or the people with the ‘Alice Nine’ sticker to reenter the room. The boys were already seated, waiting for us. (Now, was there a secret passage we did not know about? … There probably was) What I can tell you is, the boys looked more relaxed than they did during the press conference. They were seated in the same sequence but some chairs have been removed. I was so close to Saga I could have just reached out and touch him. Shou was in the middle of 2 tables so he managed to stretch out his legs and we saw his big pair of shoes sticking out the other end. Made Valerie and I giggle. We were setting up our camera and all but were told we were not allowed to grab anymore footage of them. There were only 2 other media in the group interview with us. Honestly, I was not paying attention much to the other media because their questions were just general ones. I mean, the only person who was talking was just Shou and the rest of them were just sitting there. So I decided to ask my question. When I put up my hand, another media beat me to it and she got to ask her question first. So when her question was done, my hand was kind of bobbing up and down. Shou looked at me reassuringly and nodded, so I asked my question. (I am sorry but I am not allowed to release the information of the group interview here until Jamanlo decides to release it themselves) But what I can tell is I got trolled by Saga, twice. From the first question, his answer did not really relate to my question. Second question, he asked me back my question and made me answer my own question. After which he and Shou exchanged a look and nodded.

Valerie and I then had to rush back down to JCube for the fanmeet. We were told by our friends who were helping us queue, the security there will be bringing up the queue to the official location by 3pm. We got there at 2:30pm but we were still rushing like mad because we did not want to lose our spot. But in the end, they only brought us to the official location after 4pm. Given starting time of the fanmeet was 6:30pm but you cannot really trust event organizers. It only started at about 7pm.

The first artist to greet us at the fanmeet was the boys. I do not know if it was a good thing that the other fandoms found them attractive enough to cheer for them too or should I be angry at these shallow beings? Anyway, thankfully I did not lose my spot and was among the first 50 fans to meet the boys.

Seeing how the band was incomplete, they would not be signing the given posters. Instead, we will just be able to shake hands with them, exchange greetings and collect the poster at the end. I must have been like the final 10 fans to go up. I think I pretty much stood out at the press conference thanks to my red lips. While everyone was screaming their lungs out, I thought I should calm down for a bit before we were allowed on stage to greet them. That was when I was looking between Saga and Tora and met Tora’s gaze. I waved and smiled and he acknowledged me with a nod. Maybe he remembered me from the press conference. Gosh, I thought I would flip. Also we were not allowed to take pictures of or with them when we were up on stage to “save time” for the other artists. Thankfully we made friends with some of the media people we met at the press conference and we managed to ask one of them to help us take some pictures.

They were standing in this order – Shou, Nao, Saga, Tora. Like I mentioned earlier, I was the last few to people to get up the stage so I was patiently waiting as well as getting more and more nervous as the line got shorter in front of me. The moment I was out of the waiting area and standing by the stage, I just could not think anymore. Well, it was not like I have never met or seen them prior to this but this is my first time in contact with them as a fan! We had to leave our gifts with the manager before greeting them and the manager who happens to be collecting the gifts was the one from Sundown. At first, I did not have a good impression of her because she had this really arrogant look. I could not stand looking at her ushering the boys and all. But after meeting her at the press conference and now at the fanmeet, she smiled at me and asked if the bag I was holding was for her. I said it was and she took it nicely from me. She said she was shocked that I queued for the fanmeet and I told her that I am a fan and I would definitely want to take advantage of such opportunities.

So I was then allowed to approach Shou, he offered his right hand, I took it and he clasped his other hand over mine. I was not expecting a two-handed hand shake but it was a pleasant surprise. I said, “Ashita no raibu wa ganbatte ne~” and he replied, “Ganbarimasu” with a little fist pump with his right hand. Then I went to Nao and said, “NAAAOOOO~~~!” and he must not have seen that coming. He replied, “HAAAIIII! NAO DESU!” and then it got awkward. I was just standing there shaking his hand and nodding away and him doing the same. Until finally he said, “Arigatou ne” and I replied the same to him before moving on. Next was Saga. My insides felt like it was about to either turn to mush or tied up in knots. I looked at him (I wish he did not have his shades on), took his hand and finally said, “Saga, daisuki. Honto ni daisuki” I am guessing that he might have remembered me because of my red lipstick because he snorted and said, “oh~ arigatou”. Tora already had a smile on his face before I even said anything. Maybe he overheard what I said to Saga? I took his hand and said, “Tora, I love you, man” and his smile got even wider before he said, “oh~ Sankyuu!” And finally, I collected the poster from the PSC manager-san or something. It all went by too quickly. My brain did not even have time to process it before it was over. I mean, right after I got off the stage, I was questioning myself, “Did that really happen?”

After the fanmeet, I met up with a couple of other fangirls to go and queue for the event overnight. We were about halfway there when we saw another girl who was already at the venue tweeting about them rehearsing. Of course the rest of us still on the train felt bummed and was hoping really hard that they would take a little longer to rehearse. When we finally got there, we could still hear drums and so we ran to the location. True enough, they were still doing sound check and everything and it was an amazing experience. I mean, how often do you get to hear or see your idols or stars prepare for the show ‘live’? So we sat in the queue and enjoyed the light works and sound check that was happening. After they were done, one of the girls there was asking me if I will be buying a bra to throw at the event. I did not think they were serious at first but apparently, one of them had actually asked Saga if they could do it and he said, “COME ON! COME ON!” So, that was all the permission we fangirls needed.

To my surprise and delight, all the people in the queue were Number Six! Fans of the other artists performing for the event only arrived at about 6am after I woke up from my sleep (3am – 6pm). Remember I also mentioned I was sick? So when I woke up after that mere 3 hours of sleep, my throat hurt even more, I was coughing and my nose was runny. I could not wait to go home and sleep some more but I had to wait for another friend to come and take over my spot before I could leave. Unfortunately, my phone died and I did not she had sent me a text saying that she would be late. So she got there at about 8am and I finally reached home at about 9am only managing to fall asleep at 9:30am. I woke up at 12:30pm.

Saturday, 1st December – I woke up, showered and scheduled my meeting with yet another friend to get back to the queue at the event. By now, I already felt like dying thanks to being sick. I hopped on the train at 3pm and reached back at the event location close to 4pm. It started raining when we were still making our way to the queue but the moment we joined the queue, it got heavier and thunderstorm ensued. The thunderstorm eventually quieted down just minutes before we were let into the location.

Prior to letting us in, the guy who was going to check out tickets told us that we had to go between the stalls to get to Category 1, Moshpit A. We were not allowed to walk along the yellow path (which was a shorter path) Nonetheless, when we were let in, people were still seen running across the yellow path to get to Category 1, Moshpit A. I guess I should learn not to take instructions properly the next time. Nonetheless, I was still able to get to stand by the barrier. According to my calculation at that time, I was just in the right spot to be in front of Saga.

They had a lot of filler acts in the beginning before the sun finally set and the festival began. The first act to open was BTOB. I am not a fan so I all I did was to watch them and be entertained. So far, my impression of KPop fans has not been good since the very first Sundown that I attended in 2010. The girl on my right was no exception. She was screaming the entire time, trying to get her idol to pose for her so she could take a picture of them on her instax (polaroid, cheki, etc) I do not get how she is enjoying the performance at all. The moment BTOB was done, she and her group got the hell out of there and more Number Six filled in the spaces. But after BTOB it was Anthony Neely and then Liu Li Yang. Alice Nine was going to perform 4th for the night.

Because Alice Nine required more preparation before their performance, the MCs of the festival came out with posters and t-shirt to giveaway. I felt really bad (not really) for them because I think all the Number Six there was screaming every time an A9 staff tunes an instrument. At one point of time when we were chanting ‘Alice Nine’, the male MC was chanting ‘Patience’. I think that 5 minutes or so seem to have taken longer before the introduction screen for Alice Nine was shown.

The lights dimmed and the screen got brighter with streaming colors before fangirls in Moshpit B started screaming and we saw Tora walking towards his guitar. Nao quietly went to his drums, I did not notice him at all during the day itself but when I watched fancams, I saw him. Then it was Saga and then Hiroto. When Hiroto came out, I swear everyone was calling out to him. It felt really good to hear a sea of people calling out Hiroto’s name. Out of nowhere, something shot to the stage. Of course I knew what that was but people who were not aware must have been wondering what it was. Saga got Tora’s attention and pointed to the thing – a bra! And finally, Shou makes his grand entrance with arms spread wide like wanting to embrace the crowd. Shou said, “Here we go!” Heart of Gold started and even before the first verse they already had fireworks on stage. At the end of the song, Saga picked up the bra and started twirling it around before putting it down.

After Heart of Gold, they performed Rainbows. Shou said random things like, “Thank you” (which in my opinion sounded like f*ck you), “make some noise” and “I am glad to see you, Singapore” In Rainbows, there was a part where Tora went over to the other side and started leaning against Shou. So for some time, they were both leaning against each other before Shou placed an arm across Tora’s shoulder. What happened next totally weakens my heart, Tora turned to face Shou with very little space left between them and he played his guitar. Shou leans in and makes Tora says the “Oh” part of the song (But Tora said “Jump” instead) But during the actual occurrence, I did not notice this because Hiroto was on my side. He was doing body waves and making faces to the crowd. He even shook his butt at us.

After Rainbows, it was Fantasy. Shou introduced Fantasy and said that it was his favorite song. Fantasy was our cue to turn on our flashlights. I wonder what it looked like from the stage, looking at all the hands waving the flashlights. Well, throughout Fantasy, the crowd was singing along with Shou. If you watch the fancam, you can really hear the fans. Then one of my cheeky fangirl friends threw a leopard printed bra on the stage but missed. It fell in front of the cameraman’s tripod. My friend asked the cameraman (woman, actually) to pass it to her and she threw it back on stage. When Saga saw that one, it immediately caught his attention and he was fighting not to laugh. He looked away from the bra but he still could not conceal his smirk. Towards the end of Fantasy, Shou walked up the stage with Tora behind him. Saga picked up the bra with his back towards us so we could not see his face and walked over to Hiroto. Hiroto thought Saga was going to tell him something but instead got handed a bra. Hiroto laughed, twirled the bra and threw it back in the crowd. Fantasy ended and the music faded to Blue Planet.

Blue Planet was a fun song to jump to and Hiroto came back to my side for a bit while Saga went over to the other side. Before they played Tsubasa, Shou did a little more MC-ing. He said, “Are you guys having fun?” we screamed and he responded with an “oh yeah” To me, that was probably the most awkward “oh yeah” I have ever heard before. After that, I guess he got tired of thinking up English phrases and started to engage the crowd in Japanese, which of course felt more natural.

He asked “Are you ready?” about 3 times before starting Tsubasa. In Tsubasa, some point before the 2nd chorus, Hiroto went to Shou, pouted and nudged his head towards Shou. I do not know if that was an attempt for fanservice but Shou showed Hiroto a fist and nudged Hiroto back with his shoulder. It was too adorable. Tora was also pleasantly playful thus far. Towards the end of Tsubasa, Saga came to edge of the stage. 1 leg propped on top of a speaker and he was scanning the crowd. I called out to him many times but his eyes were still looking beyond me. When he finally looked down at my direction, I held up my hand and made a heart sign. He kind of smiled and nodded while walking backwards to his original spot. I cannot be sure if he responded to me or just smiled and nodded generally to the crowd.

The last song they played was Shunkashuuto. This song brings back so many memories. I guess while we were having fun with the song, we were also dreading that this was their last song. They ended with a bang and I was grateful and thankful that I was there to enjoy every minute of it.

We did not wait for the finale where all the artists who performed today comes back out and say goodbye because we knew we had to rush to the airport if we wanted to catch them for their departure. All the Number Six was rushing out and trying to call a cab because the queue was too long. So while we waited for the cab, my friend and I thought we should have 1 cigarette before we leave. I turned to speak to another friend, turn back and she was gone. I later found her squatting by the corner of the street with 2 ladies. They happen to be 2 Alice Nine fans from Japan! They flew in from Japan to Singapore just to watch Alice Nine! Now that is dedication. We told them we were going to the airport to send off Alice Nine and they wanted to tag along.

Sunday, 2nd December – At the airport, there were a good 50 or so fans waiting for the boys. We got there at about 11:45pm and waited till 12am but there were still no sign on the boys. Once again, my friend and I decided that we should smoke because it was cold inside the airport that there was nothing else to do. While we were outside, we met the friends we made at the press conference. They were flying back to Indonesia already. Not long after they left, a familiar white van approaches. We saw the staff alighting from the vehicle one by one to help with the luggage. Usually, the artist would be in a different van but my friend was already squealing that she see Tora in the van. We got up from our spot and got closer to the van. And then I saw the Sundown manager again. She laughed and said, “You, I don’t know whether you’re always here or you’re just really fast”.

The manager then conveyed a message to one of the photographer there; they will not be accepting anymore gifts, you cannot take their picture and no asking of autograph. The boys had to wait in the van for a while. From where my friend and I were standing, we could see the back of Saga’s head. He actually opened the curtain of the van quite big to see what the hold was but quickly closed it back because he saw the 2 rows of fans waiting. Then suddenly, we saw Nao popping up next to Saga. He took out a black and white striped shirt and used it like a scarf to cover his head. But I guess Saga said something so he took it off. That was when he noticed my friend and I looking directly into the van. We waved and he shyly waved back at us and bowed. When their passports were turned to them, and their luggage was already checked in, the boys can now enter the airport.

They got out of the van and you can tell that Tora was not really in the mood for fans. There was a line of girls on their right and it was just my friend and I on their left. Tora nodded to them and then nodded to us. Saga also nodded to them, turned and we said, “Byebye” which he replied with a “Byebye” to us too. Nao said “Otsukare” to them and to us. Shou just nodded and wave to them and to us too. Hiroto was not there.

Finally when they were in the airport, going to check in, I approached another media person and asked if he knew why Hiroto was not with them. All he told me was, “Hiroto will not be on this flight with them. He will be taking a later flight”. We did not see the boys check in but we waited for the staff. I mean, the staff worked pretty hard too. So when they went through the gates, we waved goodbye to them too. The next morning, Hiroto tweeted saying bye to Singapore. I thought he was going to stay a little while longer but I guess he has to go back to Japan to prepare for their live.

I regret nothing. I am still sick and broke but the experience is priceless.

October 07, 2012

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